Soma – Coltish



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SIZE (flat) - 2.4 x 1.9m

WEIGHT (kg) - 1.18kg

VOLUME (packed) - 5.5L

Your Soma blanket rolls out at well over double the width of a normal beach towel. It can cover a queen mattress, camper trailer bed or maybe even a grassy cobblestone point. Woven with a chevron pattern in 3 colours the un-coloured part of the weave is cotton yarn in it's rawest form - pre dying. Soft and lightweight it has more than enough coverage for your friend that forgot their towel, a romantic picnic and or a mini beach party.

Lay-Day towels and blankets are absorbent, quick drying and travel friendly. Crafted with natural yarn on traditional looms, they become softer the more you use them. Whether you're destined for a tropical getaway, indo boat trip, or heading to your favorite corner of the coat, Lay-Day trims your pack with a fresh alternative to the conventional puffy beach towel.

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