The Lost Tribe

The Lost Tribe

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The Lost Tribe Collective is for the Dreamer with a wild, adventurous heart.

The Lost Tribe is an exciting Aussie label, based in the beautiful small town of Adelaide, created by Nicole Costa.

The brand is made for the girl who is searching for that distinguished statement piece. All our treasures are made with signature vintage inspired designs, bohemian/gypsy prints, bold colours and carefully selected intricate fabrics from around the globe.
Nicole spent many years as a young girl with her Nonnas' (grandmothers) whom were both dressmakers. She would spend days with them, watching them both create extraordinary garments.

Nicole fell in love with this process and loved watching designs on paper come to life. Her childhood spent sewing and creating along with her travels later in life inspired her to begin creating bold, colourful garments and accessories of her own, and thus The Lost Tribe was born.

During Nicole's teens and whilst travelling, she lived in headscarves, and so The Lost Tribe began creating with a big focus and emphasis on Headwear, and this continues to be carried through as the brand has expanded into clothing.
Every piece is designed and made with lots of love.

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