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With a combined portfolio of twenty years of fashion business and creative backgrounds, designers Julia Softley and Dominique Kalucy have created the fresh faced Lune Resort brand in 2017, using high quality and sustainable fabrications to resinate the affordable cool.
The duo’s coveted creations illustrate a pure reflection of their compatibility as industry professionals. With Dominique’s vast experience of business leadership combined with Julia’s comprehensive background in fashion as the mastermind behind MLM Label, Lune Resort emanates a concept of travels, close and far from home. A concept which both directors share a love and affinity for. 
The likeminded pair are heavily involved in all processes of creation and delivery to customer.

Lune Resort is a ethical and sustainable womens wear fashion brand. We are working very hard to ensure we have minimal footprint and create pieces that will last a lifetime. We aim to create small collections and centre our principals on slow, considered fashion.

Lune Resort thrives on supporting local communities in Indonesia, where we ensure ethical working conditions are prioritised and fabrics are ethically sourced. Each silhouette is handmade with care from 100% linens and cottons. Exclusive prints, high quality fabrics and the quintessential spirit of Lune Resort are the key element to the ranges.
Lune Resort opens its doors to the world wide market offering all year round trans-seasonal pieces which are ready to travel alongside its new found occupier.

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