Who is Kinga Csilla?

Who is Kinga Csilla?

Kate Campbell

Posted on April 27 2017

You can be forgiven for saying that you've never heard of Kinga Csilla, and if you have stumbled across this gem of a label before then you'll understand what I mean when I say that this label is something truly special.

Kinga Csilla was born out of a creative vision to design a collection that felt good to produce, sell and wear. Adopting the principals of producing collections with a sense of mindfulness, taking care to be kind to both the the maker and the environment whilst creating garments that each owner sees value in wearing beyond a singular season.

Kinga Csilla's founder, Laura Liles, takes a slow approach to fashion, rather than mass producing trendy styles of the moment that are saturated throughout the industry. They take on methods to produce gorgeous fashion without the burden of standard industry minimums, and by doing this they reduce textile wastage and allow for the production of truly inimitable garments. 

Employing embroidery artisans in India, each piece is unique and marries timeless, romantic silhouettes with intricate artful embellishment to create garments that are instant treasures that you will wear and re-wear for years to come.

These treasures can be yours here xx




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