Welcome back, Kinga Csilla

Welcome back, Kinga Csilla

Kate Campbell

Posted on March 30 2019

So, if it feels like we've been here before, you're not wrong. We've brought back into the Coltish fold our absolute favourite label - Kinga Csilla. If you're familiar with this cult love of ours, then you already know just how special this label is.

Since it's beginning days the founder, Laura Liles, has taken a slow approach to producing timeless, mindful pieces that will be loved by their lucky owners for years and years.

Rather than mass produce trendy styles of the moment, like what most fast fashion labels are accustomed to, the Kinga Csilla method of producing gorgeous fashion without industry minimum quantities reduces textile wastage, which leaves the wearer feeling warm and fuzzy every time they fish their Kinga pieces out from their wardrobes, season after season.

Not only are they kinder on the environment, they are kinder to the people who make these gorgeous garments. The attention to detail is not something you can miss, handcrafted by embroidery artisans in India, making each piece unique. 

I myself have several Kinga pieces stashed away in my wardrobe, that I bring out time and time again, and I have to say, they usually garner a number of compliments with every wear.

If you're not already part of the Kinga Csilla lover's club, I suggest you get yourself in store to see the beauty with your own eyes.

See you in store,

Kate x


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